Examples of Major Achievements as a Consultant

External evaluations:

M&A support:

  • Wrote an information memorandum for the privatization of an East German firm, identified a major Arab company as a potential investor, and arranged for that company to visit a total of three target firms in East Germany.
  • Assisted a private West German firm in its investor search by writing all of the English documentation, producing GAAP-style financial accounts and identifying potential buyers in North America.
Strategic studies:
  • Performed field research in, and wrote country studies for, Poland and Egypt in the field of development finance for poverty alleviation, for the Ford Foundation.
Trade missions and market development:
  • Organized trade missions at the receiving-country end and was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce for work in Zambia.
  • Developed from scratch a profitable client base in Germany for the U.S. brokerage subsidiary of a major international bank.
Project development:
  • Prepared the feasibility study for replicable small bakeries in the St. Petersburg region of Russia, with a German development agency as the client.
  • Developed marketing concepts and international venture-capital investment structures for several technical inventions.

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